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Cleaning the Rana Nozzles

Cleaning the Rana Nozzles.

The Rana nozzles will not clog quickly when used normally Very important here is the kind of water used to spray. We recommend rainwater, osmosis water or demineralized water.

Rainwater is not suitable in all areas, If your area has an industry or motorway around it would be wise to filter the rainwater with a cloth so that any floating debris is removed. When using osmosis and distilled water, we recommend that there `s 10% rainwater or tap water this is because water itself is quite aggressive. Tap water or mineral water is not recommended by us because of the calcium and minerals, it will clog the nozzles. Also, most plants will not appreciated the tap and mineral water.

Furthermore, it is important that the water tank is sealed so that no dirt can get into the tank (like dead flies). It is also wise to clean the vessel a few times a year to stop algae formation. Spray Vitamins are better applied by hand and not through the watering system. We advise this because the vitamins will clog the nozzles with mucus.

If the above tips are followed the nozzles will rarely or never clog. Should the nozzle clog, you can clean them in the following way: Turn the black head of the nozzle (normally can simply be unscrewed by hand). In the inside of the nozzle one can now with a suitable screwdriver (not too small, then it will damage the plastic) loosen the inside work.

You will now see a blue and one black piece. If the nozzles are clogged by dirt you can use air to blow them clean (if possible with a compressor). If you still used hard water it is advisable to soak overnight in vinegar and then blow out the components. If the nozzles have not been used for a long time we also suggest to do this. After cleaning you can keep the blue part to the light and so see if the spray hole is open again. If so, one can assemble the nozzle again, if one descaler or vinegar used only to flush the nozzle / spray prior to placing it back in the terrarium. Do not use a needle to pierce through the hole, you can do damage which changes the spray pattern of the nozzle or the nozzle is even completely unusable.

If you find all of this too difficult or too much work, you can just replace the front spray cup, loose cups are available in our shop.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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